Surveying your home

Its important to get a surveyor for your house before you move in, it can find any faults or problems you may have if you move into the property. It can also be a great idea tog et a survey for a house your selling so you know any problems you may having in trying to sell the house.


Survays can be very expensive so some times there are alternatives like accompanied building check who can come with you to your house that your looking into selling or buying and with their 25+ years of experience will find any faults or problems you may face and help you get the best piece of mind for your property.

There are many other services too like if you can claim on you insurance for a problem on your house avoiding the hassle of trying to do it your self or just to make sure that your are in the right mind to make a claim. If you wanted more info it can be found here -

I hope that the information is very helpful and the services will be of use.



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